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Sinomach powers BRI cooperation


Sinomach, a leading State-owned enterprise in equipment manufacturing and emerging business development, plays a key role in enhancing energy cooperation under China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Recently, the company has signed a series of overseas power generation projects with countries and regions involved in the BRI to further tighten economic ties and benefit local markets.

CAMCE inks substation renovation project in the Philippines

Representatives attend the signing ceremony of the Visayas Substation Renovation Project in the Philippines. [Photo/CAMCE]

Sinomach subsidiary China CAMC Engineering Co Ltd (CAMCE) recently signed a substation renovation project in Visayas Island, the Philippines, with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines.

The Visayas project is to upgrade and transform four local substations, and CAMCE will be in charge of the project's design, procurement, civil construction, installation and trial run.

Since 2014, CAMCE has made power transmission and transformation a focus of its development in the Philippine market and has undertaken a number of power transmission and transformation lines and substation projects in the country.

Under the impact of COVID-19 and mounting pressure to tap overseas markets, CAMCE has doubled its efforts to build the power project into a high-quality one under the BRI.

CMIE helps Nigeria build two power projects

China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute Co Ltd (CMIE), an affiliate of Sinomach, recently signed the dual-fuel cogeneration power project in Nigeria, a 14-megawatt regional emergency power plant with four substations.

The 14MW cogeneration power project is to build self-provided power plants equipped with gas turbines and waste heat boilers for the Budweiser breweries in the Anambra, Rivers, Osun, and Lagos states in southern Nigeria.

The project aims to slash energy costs. Equipped with dual-fuel gas turbine generators, it will fill the gap of electric and steam power infrastructure in the region and secure social needs production.

Located in Maiduguri, Nigeria, the regional emergency power plant is a 50MW natural gas power facility. The CMIE project is to add a set of TM2500 gas turbine generators to the plant, with standard single-machine capacity up to 35MW.

After completion, it will improve the long-term power failure situation, alleviate the shortage of electricity in the region and improve the local environment.

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