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Sinomach subsidiaries achieve new high in 2021



Sinomach has great passion, confidence, and motivation to fulfill its mission as a State-owned machinery industry enterprise and is devoted to the great cause of fully building a modern socialist country.

Forging outputs record high

The forgings and qualified forgings produced by Sinomach affiliate Erzhong (Deyang) Heavy Equipment Co Ltd (EHEC) exceeded 80,000 metric tons in 2021, a rise in 19.4 percent and 23.5 percent respectively from 2020, hitting a new peak for the last 10 years.

The forging production line of EHEC is in full swing. [Photo/EHEC]

EHEC made the most of its over-10,000-ton presses, 8,000-ton fast forging presses and 7,500-ton tube section mills, to give full play to its strong advantages in large-sized and high-end forgings production and large-scale extreme manufacturing, and has chalked up a record of forging 600-ton nuclear half-speed rotors in 29 days and producing 200 forgings ranging from 100 to 600 tons.

Aiming for high-quality manufacturing, the company has rolled out featured products such as forgings of nuclear power main pipelines and new ultra-supercritical products as well as rotors for gas turbines.

EHEC has formed an extreme manufacturing system that integrates the whole process of product development, organization and production, which yields complete sets of casting and forging parts for the third-generation nuclear power brand Hualong No 1 and key sets of large forgings for million-kilowatt ultra-supercritical units.

Qualified molten steel capacity hits a 10-year high

To date, EHEC produced a total of 167,127.78 metric tons of qualified molten steel in 2021, a new high for the past 10 years.

Workers check facilities at the steel mill of EHEC. [Photo/EHEC]

EHEC has ensured smooth progress of several major national projects for hydrogen refueling stations, nuclear power main pipelines and gas turbines. Two hundred ingots made from qualified molten steel produced by EHEC were used in the production of clean energy equipment and super large forgings of more than 100 tons.

Data shows that EHEC with its increasing manufacturing power has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing and further explored the development and innovation of emerging business areas.

Self-branded generators popular in North American market

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging across the world and the global situation undergoing rapid changes, FIRMAN, a world-class manufacturer of portable generators under Sinomach subsidiary SUMEC Group Corporation, set a record high of more than $200 million in sales revenue in North America in 2021.

The FIRMAN portable generator. [Photo/SUMEC]

FIRMAN is scaling up its efforts to develop the North American market with a focus on user-oriented technological innovation, and has launched triple-fuel portable generators suitable for the low temperatures in North America.

The generators feature the intelligent control of start and shutoff and can work in temperatures as low as minus 35 C. They can be fueled by gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas, a feature much appreciated by local users.

FIRMAN has now tailored more than 90 types of gasoline generators for the North American market, including dual-fuel, triple-fuel and silent frequency conversion, striving to meet various market demands.

The company will continue to provide better products and services for global consumers and strive to achieve high-quality sustainable development.

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