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Sinomach helps Belt and Road cooperation reach out farther around world



Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, China has been advancing the Belt and Road Initiative with unchanged policies and continuing to contribute to global sustainable development.

In terms of infrastructure connectivity, landmark projects have been proceeding smoothly, and breakthroughs have been made in major B&R projects. Sinomach as a leading builder of the initiative is committed to bolstering the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the countries and regions involved.

CMEC transfers Neelum-Jhelum hydropower plant in Pakistan

The signing ceremony of the Certificate of Overall Delivery of the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project in Pakistan was recently held in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, which marked the end of the project's construction.

An aerial image of the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Plant in Pakistan. [Photo/CMEC]

The Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Plant is one part of a river-to-river hydroelectric power scheme in Pakistan, designed to divert water from the Neelum River to a power station on the Jhelum River. It is one of the major projects planned by the Pakistani government to enhance its hydropower development to meet the growing energy needs of the country.

The project, undertaken by Sinomach subsidiary China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), was the first in the world to successfully introduce a mixed-flow turbine generator set with high water head, an achievement that has boosted the export of Chinese-made water turbine generators to Pakistan and broken the monopoly of Western manufacturing in the local hydropower industry.

During the implementation of the project, CMEC also innovated the 525-kilovolt jointless steel cable technology and the application of new bonnets in unit tail water maintenance.

As one of the hydro-electric projects with the largest installed gross capacity and the highest technical difficulty in Pakistan, the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Plant has drawn much attention and support from both the Chinese and Pakistani governments.

The project, diverting water into tunnels for power generation and equipped with four sets of the world's largest mixed-flow hydro-generators with maximum water heads of 420 meters, will reach a total installed capacity of 969 megawatts.

It will generate about 5.15 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, accounting for 12 percent of total hydropower generation in Pakistan and meeting the electricity needs of 15 percent of Pakistan's population.

SINOCONST completes first core module of LNG Canada

China Machinery Industry Construction Group Inc (SINOCONST), a subsidiary of Sinomach, has completed the first core module of LNG Canada, which aims to export Canadian natural gas to Asia and create a world-class liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada.

SINOCONST delivered the world's first polar LNG project in 2017, which is the company's second ultra-large type LNG core module project.

A ceremony is held in Qingdao in East China's Shandong province to celebrate the delivery of the core module to the LNG Canada project. [Photo/SINOCONST]

This project is the first in the world to realize the integrated building of a core module and a pipe gallery module, which testifies that China has reached the international advanced level in LNG modular plant construction. When operational, it will diversify China's natural gas import channels.

CHMC to take part in sub-regional interconnection project in West Africa

Sinomach subsidiary China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC) has been selected to participate in the Ghana-Togo-Benin 330-kilovolt sub-regional interconnection project.

CHMC Cambodia branch will be responsible for the design, supply, installation and debugging of communication systems.

Through the project, the company has reached out for new overseas markets other than Cambodia, expanded its business in more countries and laid a solid foundation for its further development in the African market.

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