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CHMC’s first building materials project in the Middle East comes into service



The completed cement grinding plant in the Dubai Industrial Park [Photo/]
A 130 TPH Slag Cement Grinding Plant undertaken by China Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC), subordinate to SINOMACH Heavy Equipment Group Co (SINOMACH-HE) which is affiliated with Sinomach, has gone into operation in Dubai, a metropolis of the United Arab Emirates.
The project owned by Sumwin International Limited in Hong Kong is the first one constructed by CHMC in the building material market of the Middle East, and will redouble the company’s efforts to develop the local market.
Located in the Dubai Industrial Park, the plant is designed to produce 130 tons of slag powder and 150 tons of OPC cement (ordinary Portland cement) per hour. During the current trial operation, its products have all met the engineering requirements in terms of output and energy consumption and been well received by the owner.
Facing the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, CHMC as a contractor of project design and procurement coordinated the strengths and resources of all parties at home and abroad and worked out a schedule in a scientific manner to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
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