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SUMEC gains ground in Guinea’s power transformer project



Towers of the OMVG’s power transmission and distribution project in Guinea [Photo/]

A large power transmission and distribution project of the Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Gambie (OMVG), the Gambia River Basin Development Organization, undertaken by SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering Co (SUMEC CEEC), affiliated to SUMEC Group Corporation, a subsidiary of Sinomach, recently held a tower erecting ceremony for its section LOT L4.

The project is the first of its type constructed by SUMEC CEEC, and the tower erecting marked the commencement of the project’s installation phase. The Minister of Energy of the Republic of Guinea attended the ceremony and inspected the progress of the project.

The minister said the section, which will house the first hydropower station in the area, has strategic significance in the OMVG power network and also enhances the friendship between the Chinese and Guinean people. The project as a whole will greatly improve the electricity consumption of residents along the line as well as their living standards, he added.

Enjoying rich hydroelectric resources, hydropower construction is of great significance to Guinea’s economic development. The OMVG project is an important power interconnection project between four countries in West Africa -- Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Gambia. The 1,677-kilometer-long line will consist of 15 substations and be divided into 12 sections.

Section LOT 14, a 225kV high-voltage electric transmission and distribution circuit, runs across Guinea for about 240 kilometers. After completion, it will be a reliable power supplier, an active job creator and an economic growth booster for the local community.

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