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SUMEC’s solar power plant starts service in Vietnam ahead of schedule



Aerial view of Sao Mai Solar Power Plant in Vietnam [Photo/]

SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering Co (SUMEC CEEC), affiliated to SUMEC Group Corporation, a subsidiary of Sinomach, completed all the tests of Vietnam National Grid Corporation and the National Load Dispatch Center for the second phase of the Sao Mai Solar Power Plant on Dec 8, a photovoltaic (PV) project with a capacity of 106 MWp undertaken by the company in Vietnam.

The project officially started commercial operation on Dec 10, more than 20 days ahead of the scheduled delivery date.

After grid connection the station will provide 430MWh of electricity per day. It will meet the power demands of more than 80,000 households and part of those of factories, greatly relieving local electricity shortages.

SUMEC CEEC enjoys outstanding performance and reinforced strengths in Vietnam’s PV market. The company had previously constructed a 62 MWp power station and a 64 MWp power station in the country.

Compared with the previous two PV projects, the plant, with a larger scale and a more limited construction period, was confronted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its chain reactions such as dramatic fluctuations in the supply chain of PV modules, as well as floods caused by heavy rain. The overseas team took scientific countermeasures in a timely way to ensure smooth progress of the project.

The project’s success showcased the results of the company’s long-term efforts to pursue a development model which includes in-depth localized management, specialized operations, targeted management and deep integration of local markets.

SUMEC CEEC will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of high-quality construction, cultivate the international engineering market, take an active part in project construction and management in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, and contribute to the economic and social development of more countries and regions around the world.

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