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Sinomach’s CHMC signs another contract with Cambodia



China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC), subordinate to China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach), signed a contract with Cambodia's state-owned Electricité du Cambodge (EDC) to launch the 230kV power transmission and transformation project EPC on Oct 13.

Lu Wenjun (L, front), chairman of China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC), and Keo Rattanak (R, front), director-general of Cambodia's state-owned Electricite du Cambodge (EDC), shake hands after signing a deal on Oct 13. [Photo/]

The contract was inked between CHMC and EDC on Thursday to start the national grid 230kV power transmission and transformation project and on to build two more transformer substations and a 230kV power transmission line covering a total length of about 275 kilometers in Cambodia.

According to the contract, the project is expected to be completed within 36 months, at a cost of 828.7million yuan ($123 million).

After the completion of the project, the power supply network in the northeastern part of Cambodia will be improved.

The power transmission capacity in the region will also be greatly enhanced, allowing for less dependence on imported electricity.

The project will also ensure stable and low-cost domestic energy supplies for local residents, ore fields and industrial parks.

It is the eighth power transmission and transformation EPC project contract CHMC has reached with EDC, the total contracted sum amounting to $750 million.

Since 2009, CHMC has taken the hydroelectric dam BOT project as an opportunity and has vigorously explored further bilateral cooperation in the power and electricity fields with Cambodia.

It signed a string of contracts to construct projects including four rural power transmission lines and the 230kV power transmission project in two consecutive years in spite of the downturn in the domestic economy. And almost all are now operational.

CHMC has performed exuberant functions to fill Cambodia’s socio-economy with vigor and vitality, providing rural families with a steady supply of energy.

Witnessed by delivering successful projects over the past 30 years, CHMC has gained wide recognition and a good reputation among clients, and won prizes awarded by authorities at home and abroad.

CHMC has been certified by China's Ministry of Commerce as an international project contractor and A-level equipment supervisor. It has offices in 12 countries involving Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tajikistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya and Guinea.

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