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CHMC’s Cambodian power project in full swing



The project team members pose for a group photo during the on-site opening ceremony of the fourth phase of construction work on a 115kV power project in Cambodia on July 23. [Photo/]

China Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, launched the fourth phase of construction work on a 115kV power project in Cambodia on July 23, an indication that the Cambodian East Ring Phase II Power Project has entered its construction peak.

The project undertaken by CHMC consists of building five transformer substations, expanding nine more and constructing an 85-kilometer 230kV transmission line and a 72-kilometer 115kV transmission line.

At present, the 230kV transmission line is nearing completion and is expected to be put into operation by the end of this October. Some newly built and expanded substations have also been completed.

Cambodia is experiencing a rainy season, which has brought about a poor construction environment. With epidemic prevention and control measures in place, the project team requires participants to strengthen management and coordination, comply with construction quality and safety standards, and ensure the project will be completed on schedule and with good quality.

As an important part of the national grid plan, the project plays an irreplaceable role in improving the supporting power infrastructure in the Cambodian border area, enhancing power transmission capacity and strengthening the stability and reliability of the national grid.

After its completion, the electricity consumption of the industrial park within the scope of the project will be guaranteed, which will promote the economic growth of such industries as garments, textiles and shoe-making and contribute to the development of local agriculture in terms of irrigation, planting and preliminary processing.

The project is of great significance in narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas in Cambodia, and will help local people shake off poverty and improve their livelihoods.

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